Installation Instructions - How To Add MSN Emoticons To Your MSN Messenger:

  1. Select your desired MSN Emoticons from the emoticons page, Right-Click to choose "Save Pictures As..." and save it to on your PC. To make it easy to locate later on, create a new folder called "MSN Poker Emoticons" and save your desired Emoticons to the folder.
  2. Open your MSN Messenger window.
  3. Go to"Tools" on the menu options, and choose "My Emoticons".
  4. Click on "Create" button (it opens a window called "Add a Custom Emoticon").
  5. Click on "Find Image..." button and browse to the saved MSN Emoticon.
  6. Enter a custom Keyboard Shortcut for your Emoticon.
  7. Press the "Ok" button. You've just added your own MSN Emoticon!

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