- Free Party Poker Emoticons & Smileys

Use our emoticons in Party Poker's chat box.
See here example for chat with emoticns:

Free Smilies - Emoticons for Party Poker

Icon Sign Party Poker Emoticon Expression
smile :) Smile
sad :( Sad
angel O:) Angel
angry.gif X-( Angry
confused :-/ Confused
pokerface :| Poker face
surprise :O Surprised
wink ;) Wink
smug :> Smug
sleep I-/ Sleeping
laugh :)) Laugh
hand =; Whisper
glasses :-B Glasses
biggrin :D Grin
cry :(( Crying

To see the emotions press on the right click on the dealer chat box area and select "Show Emoticons".
See preview bellow :
emoticons on