VC Poker - BetVictor Room, Full Review and Bonus

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VC Poker

VC Poker - Victor Chandler

one of the world’s largest bookmakers, has decided to enter the online poker industry, and managed to do it with style. VC Poker is Tribeca Tables’ biggest poker licensee (at least until it banned bets from US players).

VC Poker Software

As with all of Tribeca’s poker rooms, the software is very well structured and has good playability and functionality. VC Poker concentrates on creating a poker community where players play poker with their friends.

VC Poker Games

Games offered are limited to Texas Hold’em and Omaha and are mostly low to middle stakes, in addition to many daily freerolls, single table and multi-table tournaments which attract most of the players. Peak traffic is usually over 15,000 online players.