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Online Sites Sending Players to Macau
Thursday, June 4, 2009
When a new tour starts its success often lies in the hands of those who may, or may not support it. In its inaugural year last year, the Macau event of the Asian Poker Tour was a roaring success, so much so that this year it has been expanded from six days to twelve, lifting it up to a whole new level of poker tournament. Now being called the Asian Poker Tour Macau Festival, the Macau stop of the APT will run from August 12th through to August 23rd, and will be hosted at the Galaxy StarWorld Hotel and Casino. Within this new time framework the Main Event will be considerably larger than has been seen before with three day ones, and a televised final table.

The news of the enlarged schedule was greeted with much excitement and anticipation across the poker world, with players immediately setting the chat rooms a buzzing with talk of the event, and now it has become clear that the poker rooms are following suite. Several of the biggest online poker rooms have already shown an interest in sending their players to the Asian showcase event. Included in the illustrious list of sites showing their support for the event is PartyPoker, Bwin, and PKR, and it is believed that the list will keep growing. The details of the qualifiers to be run by these sites are as yet not clear; we will be reporting on them as they are released.

Last year the Macau Main Event Title was won by Yevgeniy Timoshenko, to the tune of $500,000.

Every Thing Changing for Danish Gaming
Thursday, June 4, 2009
For 60 years Danish gaming has been monopolized by Danske Spil, but not for much longer, as the Danish Government announced this week that the state-owned organisation will loose its sole control of the gaming market which will undergo partial liberalization.

The reason for the change has its roots in the government's desire to better protect gamblers in the country as well as to assure the collection of revenues in order to put them use in aid of social causes. This has not happened in a vacuum, as the Danish along with the French, Greek, Swedish, and German governments have all been criticized by the EU as standing in the way of free trade in the area of gaming.

For Denmark, gaming is big business. Approximately 11 billion kroner was spent on gambling in the country last year, of which 1.6 billion was used for charitable organisations. The deregulation of the industry has been met with optimism on all sides, including Danske Spil, who see in the move greater opportunities for a wider spectrum of gaming play, whilst reducing financial burdens on the company. Danske Spil will retain control of the lotto, but now all gaming companies will be able to apply for a gaming license and operate within the Danish Market.

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