Sign up to Doyle’s Room to receive a 110% first deposit bonus

Whatever changes Doyle’s Room may have gone through recently, it is definitely not the online poker operation it used to be in the past. The sign-up bonus which they offer now is one of the more generous ones in the industry. They give players a 110% match on their deposits, up to a maximum of $660.
To make the most of this bonus offer, you have to deposit exactly $500, however you can start on as little as $30 which is the minimum deposit accepted.

In order to redeem your Doyle’s room bonus, you’ll have to generate FPPs by playing at real money cash tables or tournament ones. The bonus is released in $10 increments, and it takes 166.6 FPPs to release each such batch.
Doyle’s room features dealt rake, so if you’re dealt into a hand, you’re already earning FPPs. This makes the redemption of your bonus relatively easy.
For every $1 that the hand which you participate in generates, you get 1 FPP. If the resulting rake is something like $1.35, you’ll receive exactly 1.35 FPPs for it.
If you’re a tournament player, you’ll get 7 FPPs for every dollar you pay in tournament fees. The bonus is valid for 90 days, so that should be plenty of time to allow you to redeem it all.

Reload bonuses can be stacked with your sign-up bonus, although you first need to completely redeem one bonus before you can move on to start unlocking another. You may want to know that the validity of your second bonus starts ticking away as soon as you make the deposit which qualifies you for it and not when you start earning the first FPPs for its redemption.