Seven Card Stud - Pay attention to the cards that are out

In this article we are going to elaborate the most important fact in Seven Cards Stud. Use this strategy in your game.

When you are playing in an eight-handed game you should pay attention to the cards that are out. For example, you hold J,J,6 (a pair of J,J and a 6 is out) and should throw your hand away in the following extreme case:
- A deuce brings it in, a five raises, and then three other people call.

In the following cases you should play this hand:

  1. If it you have a good chance to steal the antes.
  2. If you can get in cheaply and other players didn’t raise the pot.
  3. One of the J is showing out instead of the 6. If you catch a scare card it will help you.
  4. You should play if you have a small pair with a good kicker, and also the bring-in wasn’t raised to full bet.
  5. If you have a decent hand that is live (not dead or partially dead) it might be worth playing.

In conclusion:
You should be very attentive of the cards that are out, especially on 3rd street.

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