What's the deal with rebuy tournaments? Is there a chance to win big? Is it any different from a regular Texas holdem tournament?

It is possible to win big in a Texas holdem rebuy tournament. To understand how to win big in a rebuy tournament, it is essential to examine the structure of the rebuy. For example, say a regular tournament has a $1,000 buy-in. In this scenario, let's say 1000 players enter. This would put the prize pool at $100,000, of which 100 players would cash out. Now, in a rebuy tournament with the same amount of players, the prize pool will begin at $100,000, but due to rebuys, it will increase dramatically. Hypothetically, if 1000 players each re-bought three times, the prize pool will increase from $100,000 to $400,000. That's a significant increase. The best way to take advantage of winning big in a rebuy is obviously to last until the end.
There are two ways to win big in a rebuy. One, spend the least amount of money and last in the tournament. Playing a tight game can do this. To last in rebuy texas holdem tournaments without coughing up more dough, you have to be patient and let the aggressive players go batty and then take advantage of their aggressiveness. In other words, only play monster hands. It shouldn't take long to see who the aggressive players are. By reading the other players, you can use a conservative strategy to increase your chip stack and last in the rebuy tournament. While the prize pool increases, and you're still in the event on the least amount of rebuys, you're already getting better odds for your money. However, playing tight in a rebuy tournament is risky because the very nature of a rebuy tournament is to be aggressive.
The other way to win big in a rebuy is to keep rebuying. If you're not afraid to take chances, and you have the bankroll to back you up, you can last. The more chances you take, the more chances you have to increase your chip stack. However, be aware that it might cost you. Still, it is a comforting feeling to have a do-over in a no-limit tournament. That's what a rebuy basically is, a do-over. With an unlimited number of do-overs, there is a great chance of winning big in a rebuy tournament.

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