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Poker - Special Features:

Poker Stars are coming out with new version ( Themes and Custom XThemes) which allow you to upload your own image as a background or choose from PokerStars' Themes Gallery. (Read more information about what is Poker Stars XThemes)

By clicking the chips on the table it will open a window with a n option to choose your own theme.

  • Themes Sub-Menu: clicking on this View menu item will open the Themes menu. The PokerStars client comes with two themes, Default and NoImages, pre-installed. Additional themes can be selected from this menu, including the five currently available from PokerStars: Shiny, Marine, Stars, Saloon, Renaissance and Hyper-Simple. Ability to add custom themes or themes from third-party sites are on the way.
  • Installing a Theme: to install any of the alternate themes, simply click on the title of the theme in the list to the left of the window and click the "Install" button on the right. The new theme will be uploaded to the client in a short amount of time, and the theme will then be available to the player. You may mark multiple themes for downloading, and you may continue to play under another theme while your chosen themes download.
  • Applying a Theme: to use a theme on a table, click on the title of the theme and then click the "Apply" button.
  • Customizing a Theme: Before applying the theme and thereby changing the displayed theme on the table, there are options available to the player in terms of the appearance of the cards as well as the background of the table.
  • Background: click the "Background" button to change the table's background, and then select the "Enable custom background" checkbox in the window that opens. Further clicking the "Browse" button will enable the player to select an image file from their hard drive to use as the displayed background for their table. Once the file is selected, players have the option of displaying the selected image in any of three formats: Stretch, Tile, or Center.

    • Stretch format: this format will stretch the selected image to fill up the entire window. If the "Constrain Proportions" checkbox is selected, the image will be stretched to the limit while remaining in correct proportions and the color selected will be used to fill the remaining space. If the "Crop Image" radio button is selected, the image will be enlarged, in the correct proportion, to the extent that it fills the entire window... akin to zooming in on the image while not necessarily keeping the entire image in the viewable area.
    • Tile & Center formats: selecting the "Tile" format will result in the chosen image being repeated on the screen to fill up the entire background. The "Center" option will place one copy of the image at the center of the screen with a border in the selected color surrounding the image to fill up any of the background not taken up by the image.
  • Deck Options: within the Themes window, players may select any of three decks to display on the table. The available decks are Standard, Alternative, and Simplified. The Standard and Alternative decks display any of the PokerStars standard card backings. Each deck has a four-color option for easy identification of suits in play.

Example for new themes: PokerStars marin
marine - PokerStars themes



artpoker XThemes

PokerStars Other Features:

  • Table re-sizing: foremost among the new features available to PokerStars players is the ability to change the size of the table. To resize a table, simply click-and-drag the edge of the table as you would any other window on your screen. The maximum size of the table is 1.6 times the size of the "default" or "native" size of that theme. The smallest size available is dictated by the limitations of the graphics (chips, cards, player names) to remain readable. (i.e. Stud tables can be made smaller, but not quite as small as Holdem tables). Most players should find that they can have four tables on their screen simultaneously with no overlap.
  • View sub-menu: along with the ability to resize tables, a new sub-menu, "View", on the main lobby screen provides various controls to the player. Each selection in the "View" menu will be covered in detail in the following section. Note that the View sub-menu can also be opened directly from the table by clicking the icon to the right of the "Options" button and/or dealer's chip tray. Additionally, the View menu and Themes menu (contents covered below) may be opened by clicking on the chip tray itself (or "Options" button).
  • Tile Tables: selecting this feature will automatically tile all open tables at the maximum possible size without any overlap. (Note: it is possible to have overlap using this feature if there are more tables open than your monitor can support without overlap.)
  • Cascade Tables: this menu item will cascade all open tables at an offset equivalent to the Windows title bar (usually 32 pixels).
  • Save Custom Layout: once a player sets up the screen in the desired layout, the layout can be saved using this feature. Players can save up to four custom layouts. Saving a fifth layout will result in the oldest created layout being wiped from the client's "memory." That behavior will be improved in the coming versions allowing players to delete and rename layouts.
  • Remember Table Positioning: this feature will position new windows in a logical continuation as new tables are opened. If a resized table is closed with this feature enabled, the next table opened will be the same size and position as the most recently closed table. Also, if after tiling there is a "logical hole", the hole will be filled by the next table to be opened. e.g. if you tile 3 tables into a 2x2 grid, with a "hole" in the lower right, then open a fourth table, it will fill the empty hole in the same size as the tiled tables.
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