Poker Tactics – The Poker Winner State of Mind

Poker Tactics You’ve seen them on television, in races and in tournaments. Their faces are set as they prepare for their game. You’ve seen Roger Federer as he prepares to serve, knowing that he’s going to score an ace. You’ve seen those athletes’ winning expressions, and you just know they’re going to win and there’s nothing that will prevent that. They exemplify the winner state of mind. Their approach is simple; they will win, and everyone knows it.
That is the approach that the poker player must adopt, particularly in a poker tournament. Poker pros know when a poker tournament starts and the initial cards are dealt that they are going to win. They are going to captain the table and dictate the pace. All their power and attention are bent on one thing – to win.

Many times it is a long shot, when the cards are all wrong and there are bad beats, and it is only natural to be disappointed over losing when you were so sure you’d win. Out of disappointment should come motivation to improve your poker game, to be better next time around, to be a winner. Poker is all about practice and experience. It is about quickly evaluating your hands, gathering information on your opponents and their actions, and being satisfied with your decisions. It’s your decisions that determine the outcome of your game. If you convince yourself that you’re a winner from the start, your winning chances will be good from the start, as your only objective is to win.
If you happen to lose, learn from that experience. Analyze your loss, the situations that led up to that result, your decisions based on the information that you’ve gathered during the game, and in the end make sure you’re better prepared for your next poker game, event, or tournament. You’ll have a much better chance of winning following that.

Bear in mind that this is how major athletes set their minds on winning. You, as a serious poker player, should take them as an example.

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