About ArtPoker

Welcome to ArtPoker.net - The first and only Poker Skins and Poker Themes site! The first time I saw poker on TV a while ago I really liked it and was interested in learning more about it. I entered several poker sites, downloaded their software and began to play. First for fun and then for real money. After a few weeks my skill gradually improved and I was getting the hang of the game. Pretty soon I grew bored playing the same game with the same graphics and the same table layout, so I came up with a new idea of customizing poker layouts and making them more diverse and personal.

The skins on my site contain pictures and graphics that work with the following poker rooms: PartyPoker.com, PokerStars.com, FullTiltPoker.com, PacificPoker.com and other popular online poker rooms. Some skins includes sound effects.

about_Me I am happy to share with all of you poker fans my designs FOR FREE!
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Have fun on my site!